About ABBYY OCR Container

ABBYY OCR Container is a Linux-based Docker container that you can deploy in your container orchestrator and use to convert documents. The container provides OCR service via REST API requests.

The chart below outlines how the ABBYY OCR Container works:

  • Demo Page—A demo page inside the container. Contains documentation, EULA, deployment examples, and a link to the Container API. Can be accessed using a web browser.
  • Container API—The container's application programming interface.
  • Temporary Directory—Temporary directories within the container. These directories store:
    • Incoming files for recognition.
    • Recognition results.
    • Service-related data during the recognition process.

Files are removed immediately after the recognition process is completed and are not stored within the container.

  • Shared Licensing Folder—A folder for storing licenses. Contains license data for the container. It can be located either inside the container (local folder) or outside of it (mounted folder—one for multiple pods).
  • Licensing Service—A remote licensing server. The container automatically sends license usage data to the ABBYY licensing server. If you have obtained an offline license, the container does not automatically send license usage data. Connection to the licensing server uses the HTTPS protocol and supports TLS 1.2.

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