Distribution Kit

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture distribution pack contains library files, code samples, illustrating the work of the solution, and documentation. Below is the description of the included folders and files.

Folder File name Description
libs The ABBYY Mobile Web Capture library files.
sample Code sample, illustrating the capturing module work.
sample_customization This sample shows how to customize a basic usage scenario. Customization includes a user interface tuning and integration of the scenario steps separately.
sample_fc_integration Code samples, demonstrating how to simply embed front-end capturing technology to your web-based application. See details in the table below.
sample_withoutUI Performs low-level API use for simple integration of the module mechanisms into your project.
ABBYYMobileWebCapture_EULA.pdf End-User License Agreement that is a legal agreement between the end user who obtained or is using the SDK, and ABBYY.
README.md Short specification.
MobileWebCaptureDevelopersGuide.pdf This manual.

Samples of integration with ABBYY FlexiCapture

In the distribution pack you can find samples, demonstrating technology usage in different cases. The samples and all supplement files are located in the sample_fc_integration folder. Find details in the table below.

Folder Description
sample_fc_integration/ fc_cloud_restAPI The sample shows how to send data to FlexiCapture Cloud and receive it back for automatic populating the front-end form. The sample uses ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud REST API. See corresponding section of the FlexiCapture FlexiCapture Cloud Help for detailed information about configuring and using this API.
sample_fc_integration/ fc_mobileAPI Code sample, demonstrating how to send several captured by ABBYY Mobile Web Capture images to the ABBYY FlexiCapture back-end (Application Server or FlexiCapture Cloud) for further processing. To investigate API, used in this sample, see the Web Services Mobile API in the FlexiCapture Developer's Help.
sample_fc_integration/ fc_project ABBYY FlexiCapture sample project CarLoan for the sample images recognition.
sample_fc_integration/ sample_images Sample images for CarLoan FlexiCapture project.

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