How to customize user interface

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture provides a standard web-page appearance of all processing screens. Still you may want to hide or show default elements or change their color in your web-site. To tune the user interface according to your needs, use special functionality of ABBYY Mobile Web Capture.

JSON file configuration

Necessary user interface settings should be written in a JSON format.

There are three types of screens settings:

  • settings, applied to all screens ("general")
  • setting, concerning separate screens ("captureScreen", "imageEditorScreen", "manualCropScreen")
  • secondary screens settings ("secondaryScreens")

 Note: General settings are preferred over separate screens customization. Exceptions: "Add page" button, "Done" button and "Continue" button. These buttons should be tuned for every screen separately.

Below you can find an example, containing all supported settings.

JSON example

Applying user interface settings

After all necessary settings are in a JSON format, they should be applied to your web-site appearance. Preset JSON is loaded to the capture module at the initialization step as one of an input options (viewConfiguration option).

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