Getting started

By purchasing the ABBYY Mobile Web Capture product, you get a software distribution, containing library files, code samples and documentation. Investigate the Samples description section for getting information about included code samples. See the Distribution Kit section for details about distribution content.


To use ABBYY Mobile Web Capture in your project you need a license file. It regulates the module work on your web-site.

The license file is received either directly from your sales manager, or as an attachment to the e-mail letter with the distribution downloading link. More facts about the license file:

  • it has .License extension
  • the name of the file fits one of the following templates, where X is a number:
  • the file path to the license file is set in the licenseFilePath property of the init or capture methods. Please make sure that it is specified correctly.
  • if the license file is not valid, an error occurs at processing start. It happens in one of the following cases:
    • the license is expired
    • the license is not valid for the current domain
    • the license file is corrupt.
      Find an error description in a developer console.

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