init method

This method explicitly loads the wasm source files, required for Web Capture. Use this method to perform initialization step separately from the capturing process. You can skip this step and start directly with capture method. In this case default source files will be loaded automatically right before capturing.

To use the Mobile Web Capture API you should define the license full path first. If you call the init method, specify the license path in options. You can also define a custom path to the wasm files if needed.

 Important! Please notice that the process of initialization may take some time. Therefore in cases when it is required to start capturing process immediately it is recommended to preliminarily call init method.

init: (pathOptions?: IWebCaptureInitOptions)
=> Promise<void>;


[input] An object of an IWebCaptureInitOptions interface, providing access to settings, that can be defined on the process initialization. All the settings are optional.

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