REST API overview

The detailed information about REST API is available in the API Description section for all FlexiCapture Cloud platforms.

  • File allows the user to upload documents to the processing queue, as well as download or delete processing results.

Important! A separate document will be created for each file uploaded via REST API, disregarding the project settings on document assembly.

  • Task allows the user to manage the processing tasks, including task creation, task status check, and obtain the results. A FlexiCapture Cloud REST API task corresponds to a FlexiCapture batch.

Note: Deleting tasks in REST API does not delete the corresponding FlexiCapture Cloud batch.

Note: Properties values are recorded in a project as Batch Registration Parameters and are converted to lowercase.

  • Training allows the user to obtain document field regions and send the corrected regions for field extraction training.

Note: Files and tasks that are not deleted by the user are stored for 30 days. ABBYY reserves the right to reduce storage time without prior notice.

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