Runs an invoice capture task. Multiple files can be specified in the request.

You can use any of your applications to process the document. To change the document processing application, use the Authentication header based on the appropriate application identifier and token while running the task.

Note: It is important to correctly specify the region from which you expect to receive invoices. ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices Cloud can process invoices that originate from a number of different countries. It also supports a wide range of languages (see the Specification section for details). However, applications feature a predefined set of processing rules, keywords, and other country-specific settings that are applied once the program has identified the country of the invoiced business unit. Thus, using the correct language improves recognition quality significantly.

HTTP request

POST https://api-{location-id}

where {location-id} is the supported location.

Request body

The request body contains data with the following structure:

JSON representation


 "files": [


     "id": "string",

     "token": "string"



 "properties": {

   "region": "US",

   "export_format": "Xls",

   "verification_type": "NoVerification"



files[] id


Required. The file ID that was returned in the response of file.Upload method.



Required. The file access token that was returned in the response of file.Upload method.



Required. Invoice region. Supported regions: US: USA, AU: Australia, EU: European Union countries, CA: Canada.



Required. Output file format. Available formats are listed in the section Specification.



Required. Verification type. Available types: NoVerification — documents are always processed without verification; Troubleshooting — documents are sent for verification if there are uncertain characters or errors; UserVerification — documents are always sent for verification.


If successful, the response body contains an instance of CaptureTask.

CaptureTask JSON representation

CaptureTask fields

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