Link to an existing field

A link to an existing field lets you display the value and region of that field on the form of any document in the document set. In most cases, links to existing fields are used in summary sections to duplicate the values of the principal fields. Besides the value of a field, you can duplicate its region in the summary section. To display the region of the original index field in the summary section, select the Index field region option in the properties dialog box of the original field.

You can create links to text, picture, and barcode fields.

To create a link to an existing field, right-click the section, click Create FieldLink to Existing Field on the shortcut menu, and in the dialog box that opens select the field you want to link to.

Links to existing fields appear as separate fields in the Document Definition editor. The following options are available for links to existing fields:

  • The Export field value and Show on verification options on the General tab.
  • The linked field itself is displayed on the Properties tab. Note that you can only select a field when creating a link to it. You will not be able to specify a different field later.

In the Document pane, a link to an existing field appears as a read-only field with the same value as that of the original field. If the original field contains an error, the error will be displayed in the link. You can open the image and data form of the source document by:

  • double-clicking the link;
  • right-clicking the link and clicking Go to Original Field on the shortcut menu.

An entire document can be used as a source for such field. In this case, a group with fields from this document will be created in a summary section. If the document is a repeated one (it is repeated more than once), the group automatically becomes a repeated one. This feature is used for more convenient verification of the data from the Document Set. For details, see Creating and setting up document sets.

Note: You cannot export the images of links to repeating fields. Only the images of the original fields can be exported.

General field properties

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