Creating a field group

Fields can be combined into groups to enable clear presentation of document structures and to create recurring field groups. For example a city, street and building number can be combined into the Home Address group. You can create fields for an Office Address group simply by copying the Home Address field group.

To create a field group:

  1. Create fields to be included in the group.
  2. Select the tool and frame inside a rectangle all the fields to be included in this group.
  3. Fields inside the rectangle will be highlighted. Their names in the document structure will be combined and placed under the name of the field group.

If the form has recurring field groups, after creating one group you can create several instances of the same group. All field properties as well as rules set within the group will work for each group instance. See Fields with several instances.

You can also copy a field group, but in this case the copying will result in the creation of another independent group.

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