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ABBYY FlexiCapture (Distributed Installation) is a distributed client/server data capture system.

ABBYY FlexiCapture (Distributed Installation) includes several stations and servers. Each station is responsible for certain processing routines. The servers ensure the operation of the entire complex, connect the stations, and distribute workload among the stations. Before documents can be processed, the servers must be set up.

A brief overview of the components follows:

  • Administration and Monitoring Console
    After you install the system, you must establish a database connection and grant appropriate permissions to the Operators. This is done in the Administration and Monitoring Console by the user that has the Administrator permissions.
    The Administration and Monitoring Console is a Web interface that controls the Application Server. The console can be accessed from any computer connected to the Application Server at https:\\<ApplicationServer>\FlexiCapture12, where<ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer on which the Application server is installed.
    While processing documents, the console can be used to obtain statistics and generate reports.
  • Project Setup Station
    The next step is to create and set up a project. For this purpose, the Operator of the station creates Document Definitions, batch types, and define the order of processing. Once the system is set up, the project is uploaded to the Application Server and document processing can start.
  • Scanning Station
    The Scanning Station may be the first station where the documents to be processed arrive. The Operator of this station creates batches and adds document images into them. If required, the added images may be edited. Then the batch is sent on to ABBYY FlexiCapture for further processing.
    The use of a Scanning Station is not required when images to be processed arrive from a Hot Folder.
  • Processing Station
    The Processing Station runs unattended and performs the following operations: getting images from Hot Folders, applying Document Definitions and recognizing documents, rule validation, and exporting the results to user-defined destinations.
  • Data Verification Station
    The purpose of this station is to check the captured data. The Operator of the station first reviews the unreliably recognized characters in group view and then in field view. Then the batch is sent on to the Verification Station. In the event of a processing error, the Operator of the Data Verification Station may send the batch or documents to the exceptions queue, where they are processed by the Senior Verification Operator.
  • Verification Station
    This station performs more complex checks than the Data Verification Station. Besides data checks, the station can process problem batches or documents, correct assembly errors, check rules, and check batch integrity.
  • Processing Server
    The Processing Server distributes the workload among the Processing Stations. Together with the server, a Processing Server Monitor is installed, which is used to monitor the operation of the server and to set task priorities.
  • Application Server
    The Application Server connects the stations together and ensures their operation. Before installing the server, make sure that all the components required for the normal operation of the server are installed.
  • Database Server
    The Database Server stores the data required for processing operations: information about the Operators, batches, events, etc. For demo projects, you can use Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. For other projects, the use of the full version of Microsoft SQL Server and File Storage Folder is recommended.
  • File Storage Folder
    The project files can be stored either in a database or in a separate File Storage Folder, which is a regular folder located on the computer where the Application Server is installed. A File Storage Folder can be set up in the Administration and Monitoring Console.
  • Licensing Server
    A protection key is required for the normal operation of the system. ABBYY FlexiCapture License Manager is an application for managing protection keys.

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