Automatic detection of fields and static elements

Automatic detection when adding an image:

When a page image is added, the program always detects anchors. If the image has standard anchors (such as black squares), these will be detected and marked. The program searches for text fields and checkmarks if the user has enabled the Text or Checkmarks options. The program performs automatic detection of text fields with a region and rectangular checkmarks particularly well. If entry fields on your form do not have a region, and checkmarks are inserted against a white background, they will normally need to be highlighted manually.

Automatic detection in the window of the Document Definition editor:

For automatic detection in the window of the Document Definition editor, select the required mode (fields or static elements) followed by the menu item Tools → Autodetect Objects by Type.... Mark the types of fields or static elements to be detected automatically.

If you need to detect specific objects on the image automatically, select the required mode (fields or static elements) and click on the toolbar. If you click on the element it will be marked with a rectangle. The element type will be detected automatically.

Automatic detection of a region:

For a field or static element region of a specific type to be detected automatically, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the required mode (fields or static elements).
  2. Select the type of the field or static element using the appropriate button on the toolbar.
  3. Press the Shift key.
  4. Left-click in the field or static element region.

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