Anchor text

Anchor text - static element. This is any static text on the image headers, explanatory signatures.

To highlight anchor text:

  1. Switch to the static elements mode
  2. Select on the toolbar
  3. Position the cursor in the corner of the anchor text, left-click and drag the cursor diagonally to the opposite corner.
    Shift-click in the anchor text region.

Anchor text properties

To modify anchor text properties:

  1. Highlight text
  2. Right-click in the anchor text region and select Properties... from the shortcut menu
  3. Modify properties in the dialog box that opens:
    On the General tab:
    • Use for Document Definition matching this option must be enabled for the program to use the anchor text for Document Definition matching.
    • Use for Document Definition identification enable this option to use the anchor text for Document Definition identification.
    • Value if you are using anchor text as an identifier, you can set its value. To automatically insert a value, click the Hint button.
    • Max number of errors - here you can specify the maximum number of allowed errors in the anchor text string.

On the Recognition tab you need to configure recognition options for the static text to be recognized with maximum accuracy:

  • ICR enable this option if static text is handwritten or hand-printed.
  • OCR (printed) enable this option if static text is machine-printed. Select the print style from the dropdown list (typographic, dot-matrix printer, typewriter, etc.). See also Supported text types.
  • Advanced use this option to select several text types or specify a custom text type.
  • Data type select the language of the text. Use the Select... button to make your selection.
  • Letter case select the case of static text letters; if the text has both lowercase and uppercase letters, leave the Auto value.
  • Orientation specify the text orientation.
  • Enable the One line option for one-line text.
  • If the text does not contain blanks, i.e., consists of a single word, enable the One word option.
  • Configure image processing options during recognition:
    • Invert inverts the image.
    • Remove texture removes texture.
    • Despeckle enable this option to remove garbage from the image.
    • Remove garbage of specified size only enable this option if you want to remove garbage of only specified size. Specify garbage size. If this option is disabled and only the Despeckle option is enabled, garbage size will be selected automatically.

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