Customizing Web Stations

To access the customization view of a Web Station, use the URL below:

where <server> is the name of a computer where a your web server is installed, <station> is the name of the Web Station, and WinAuth is the Windows authentication parameter.

The customization view is a page with an <iframe> element that opens an embedded version of the corresponding Web Station.

The <iframe> element opens only the workspace of the Web Station, without the header and the footer. The layout of the page can be changed to comply with your company's design guidelines. The page can be additionally customized to include action buttons that will control the contents of <iframe> and web links.

Sample scenarios:

Changing the logo, header, and footer

Changing links to your company website and other resources

Changing the Web Station's icon to be shown in the browser window

Changing the name of the page to be shown in the browser window

Hiding the drop-down list of languages

Opening a Web Station

Changing the session lifetime

Since the user page uses embedded versions of Web Stations, you can also use the API messages described in Integrating Web Stations into third-party systems.

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