Project Setup Station

The Project Setup Station is the station where projects are created, set up, and debugged. A project specifies Document Definitions, batch types, image import, document export, and processing options.

To create and set up a project:

  1. Create a project and upload it to the Application Server.
  2. Open the project on the server and set its properties.
  3. Create Document Definitions.
  4. Create Batch Types.
  5. Create Image Import Profiles.

Important! Only the Administrator may create new projects. A Project Setup Operator can only set up already created projects.

Creating a new project

Once the Administrator has established a database connection, the Administrator should:

  1. Launch the Project Setup Station (Start → All Programs → ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Stations → Project Setup Station).
  2. Create a project.
  3. Upload the project to the Application Server.

After the project is uploaded to the Application Server, the Administrator may grant setup permissions for the project to a project setup Operator.

Project properties

To set project properties, the Project Setup Operator should:

  1. Launch the Project Setup Station.
  2. Select File → Open Project from Server... and specify the path to the Application Server. A Open Existing Project from Application Server dialog box appears.
  3. Select the project from the list of all available projects.
  4. Select Project → Project Properties... and specify the project properties: image pre-processing options, document recognition options, event handlers, export settings, and processing options.

Creating Document Definitions

To determine how document types are to be identified and processed, the Project Setup Operator should create Document Definitions. A Document Definition includes information about the structure of the document, the positions of its fields, export and document processing options, etc. Document Definitions are created in a Document Definition Wizard and properties are specified in a Document Definition Editor.

Creating Batch Types

ABBYY FlexiCapture can process documents in batches: prior to processing, a batch is created and the document images are placed in this batch, which then goes through the various processing stages. Typically, a batch contains all the documents processed at one go or all the documents imported from a particular folder. The settings to be used for processing the documents, are specified in the batch type. You can create several batch types for the most commonly used sets of processing options. In this case, each time an Operator creates a new batch, they can specify its type and the batch will be processed in accordance with the settings specified for this batch type.


  1. If no batch types are created, all batches are processed with the <default> settings specified for the entire project.
  2. Documents can be verified or exported either in batches or individually. This is also specified in the batch type settings.

Creating Image Import Profiles

To automate the process of adding images, image import profiles can be created on the Project Setup Station. Two types of profile are available: one involving the use of a scanner and one involving the use of a Hot Folder. A scanner profile may be used to debug the project. A Hot Folder profile imports images automatically on the Processing Station.


  1. A scanner profile is only available on the Project Setup Station.
  2. To import images from Hot Folders, you must enable Hot Folders for your project in the Administration and Monitoring Console (click Settings → Projects).

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