Using templates for indexing

In ABBYY FineReader Server 14, you can use field region templates to populate index fields automatically. Field region templates can also be used to speed up manual indexing.

A template stores information about the location of each field region from which information is to be extracted for indexing purposes. Templates can be created for documents that have the same set of field regions and their corresponding index fields.

Creating a template

To create a template, you need to manually index several documents of the same type and save the results to a template file. To do this:

  1. In the Remote Administration Console, open the Workflow properties dialog box.
  2. On the Indexing tab, add the new document type and the desired index fields.
  3. Start processing several of the documents for which you want to create a template.
    Tip. For convenience, you can merge several documents into one file. This will make it easier to configure your template.
  4. Open the file on the Indexing Station.
  5. Click Tools > Field Region Template to open the template editor.
  6. Select the Text tool.
    1. Select an field region on the page.
    2. Right-click the selected field region and select its corresponding index field on the shortcut menu.
    3. Repeat steps a and b for each of the index fields in this document type.
  7. If you select a field region by mistake, use the Delete tool to undo the selection.
  8. On all the subsequent pages, check to make sure that the field regions you have selected enclose the text fragments that you need extracted. Expand field regions where necessary.
  9. Use the Save Field Region Template command to save your template.

Applying a template

  1. In the Remote Administration Console, open the Workflow properties dialog box.  
  2. On the Indexing tab, select the desired document type and click Edit. In the Document Type dialog box, click Load Template… and select the appropriate template file. In the list of index fields of this document types, you will see a column indicating which of the fields are fixed.
  3. Start indexing your documents. The values from the fields included in the template will be automatically placed in their corresponding index fields.

Note. Only the values in the fields on the first pages will be extracted automatically.

Note. A value that does not match the type of the index field will not be added.

Tip. If a batch contains documents of several different types, you can create a field region template for each of the document types and then switch between templates in the Document Type pane of the Indexing Station.

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