ABBYY FineReader 12 Sprint enables you to recognize pictures of documents taken with digital cameras. This article explains how to take photographs that are well suited for recognition.

Note: You can find technical information about your camera in its owner's manual or other accompanying documentation.

Before photographing a document, make sure that:

  1. the entire page fits in the shot
  2. the lighting is even and there are no shadows on the document
  3. the lens is parallel to the page and is directed at the center of the page; if the page is bent or creased, try to even it out.

Recognition quality depends on the quality of the image. High-quality images yield better recognition quality.

How to improve an image if

  • the photograph is too dark and the contrast is too low
    Solution: Try to improve the lighting. If that is not an option, try setting a lower aperture value.
  • the image is not sharp enough
    Solution: Autofocus may not work properly in poor lighting. Try using brighter lighting. If adjusting the lighting doesn't help, try using manual focus.
  • a part of the image is not sharp enough
    Solution: Try setting a higher aperture value. Take pictures from a greater distance at maximum optical zoom. Focus on a point between the center and an edge of the image.
  • the flash causes glare
    Solution: Turn off the flash or try using other light sources and increasing the distance between the camera and the document.

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