Customizing the Workspace

  • You can temporarily hide the panes you do not use. In order to hide or show panes, use the View menu options or shortcut keys:
    • F5 for the Pages window
    • F6 for the Image window
    • F7 for the Image and Text windows
    • F8 for the Text window
    • Ctrl+F5 for the Zoom window
  • You can change the size of a window by dragging the window spacers with your mouse.
  • You can also change the position of the Pages and Zoom windows. Use the commands on the View menu or on the window's shortcut menu.
  • You can customize the way alerts are displayed while the program is running. The Show Alerts Window command on the View menu toggles the alerts window on and off.
  • To show or hide the Properties pane in the Image or Text window, right-click anywhere in the window and then click  Properties on the shortcut menu. Alternatively, you can click or at the bottom of these windows.
  • Some window settings can be customized on the View tab of the Options dialog box.

All document pages are displayed in the Pages window. Two page views are available. To change the current page view, do one of the following:

  • In the Pages window, click the or button on the toolbar.
  • On the View menu, click Pages Window, and then click either Thumbnails or Details.
  • Right-click anywhere in the Pages window, click Pages Window... on the shortcut menu, and then click either Thumbnails or Details.
  • Click Tools > Options… to open the Options dialog box, click the View tab, and then click either Thumbnails or Details under Pages window.

To open a page, click its thumbnail in the Pages window (in Thumbnails mode) or double-click its number (in Details mode). In the Image window you will see the page image and in the Text window you will see the recognition results (if the document has already been recognized).

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