Shortcut Keys


ABBYY FineReader 12 offers the following keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used commands. You can also create your own keyboard shortcuts.

To create a shortcut:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Customize… to open the Customize Toolbars and Shortcuts dialog box.
  2. On the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, in the Categories field, select a category.
  3. In the Commands field, select the command for which you want to create keyboard shortcut or whose shortcut you want to change.
  4. Click inside the Press new shortcut key field and then, on your keyboard, press the keys you want to use as a shortcut for the selected command.
  5. Click Assign. The keys you specified will be added into the Current shortcut box.
  6. Click OK to save the changes.
  7. To return shortcuts to their default values, click Reset (for a selected command category) or Reset All (for all shortcut keys).
File Menu
Command Shortcut keys
Scan Pages… Ctrl+K
Open PDF File or Image… Ctrl+O
New FineReader Document Ctrl+N
Open FineReader Document… Ctrl+Shift+N
Save Document As Ctrl+S
Save Pages as Images… Ctrl+Alt+S
E-mail Document Ctrl+M
E-mail Images Ctrl+Alt+M
Print Text Ctrl+P
Print Image Ctrl+Alt+P

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Edit Menu
Command Shortcut keys
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Enter
Cut Ctrl+X






Clear Delete
Select All Ctrl+A
Find… Ctrl+F
Find Next F3
Replace… Ctrl+H

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View Menu
Command Shortcut keys
Show Pages Window F5
Show Only Image Window F6
Show Image and Text Windows F7
Show Only Text Window F8
Show Zoom Window Ctrl+F5
Next Window Ctrl+Tab
Previous Window Ctrl+Shift+Tab

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Document Menu
Command Shortcut keys
Read Document Ctrl+Shift+R
Analyze Document Ctrl+Shift+E
Go to Next Page

Alt+Down Arrow

Page Up

Go to Previous Page

Alt+Up Arrow

Page Down

Go to Page… Ctrl+G
Close Current Page Ctrl+F4

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Page Menu
Command Shortcut keys
Read Page Ctrl+R
Analyze Page Ctrl+E
Edit Image… Ctrl+Shift+C
Delete All Areas and Text Ctrl+Delete
Delete Text Ctrl+Shift+Delete
Page Properties… Alt+Enter

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Area Menu

Command Shortcut keys
Read Area Ctrl+Shift+B
Change Area Type to Text Ctrl+2
Change Area Type to Table Ctrl+3
Change Area Type to Picture Ctrl+4
Change Area Type to Background Picture Ctrl+6
Change Area Type to Barcode Ctrl+5
Change Area Type to Recognition Area Ctrl+1

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Tools Menu
Command Shortcut keys
Task Manager… Ctrl+T
Hot Folder… Ctrl+Shift+H
View Dictionaries… Ctrl+Alt+D
Language Editor… Ctrl+Shift+L
Pattern Editor… Ctrl+Shift+A
Verification… Ctrl+F7
Next Error Shift+F4
Previous Error Shift+F5
Options… Ctrl+Shift+O

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Help Menu
Command Shortcut keys
Help F1

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Command Shortcut keys
Make the selected text fragment bold Ctrl+B
Make the selected text fragment italic Ctrl+I
Underline the selected text fragment Ctrl+U
Go to table cell Arrow keys
Switch to the Pages window Alt+1
Switch to the Image window Alt+2
Switch to the Text window Alt+3
Switch to the Zoom window Alt+4

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