Event Log from Processing Monitor

This log contains records about document processing events and errors.

Wichtig! Only users with Tenant Administrator (or the System Administrator in the case of the default tenant) and Monitoring Operator permissions can download event logs from Processing Monitor.

To download this log, use a POST request.

POST https://<server address>/FlexiCapture12/Monitoring/Project/GetEventsCSV

Request parameters


  1. All parameters are required. Make sure that they are specified correctly.
  2. The search in Oracle Database is case sensitive. Please, take it into account if you are using Oracle Database.
Name Type Description
filter string

Sets the filter parameters. As a result, only logs that satisfy the filter conditions will be recorded. Only the AND and OR operators can be used to combine the conditions. Operators are specified in GeneralOperator parameter. Sample filter parameters:

    "GeneralOperator": "AND",
    "FilterItems": [
            "PropertyKey": "Date",
            "PropertyOperator": "BETWEEN",
            "PropertyValues": [
            "PropertyKey": "Id",
            "PropertyOperator": ">=",
            "PropertyValues": ["127602430"]
            "PropertyKey": "BatchName",
            "PropertyOperator": "CONTAINS",
            "PropertyValues": ["default"]

You can find necessary values for PropertyKey and PropertyOperator parameters by creating desired filter in Administration and Monitoring Console. To do this:

  1. In browser menu click More tools -> Developer tools and go to the Network tab.
  2. Launch the Administration and Monitoring Console, go to Processing Monitor → Event log, and click the button.
  3. Specify filtering criteria and click Apply.
  4. Click on GetFilteredEvents request. Filtering parameters will be listed on Payload tab.

Wichtig! If you need to filter events for default batches, specify "BatchTypeNameExt" parameter instead of "BatchTypeName":

    "FilterItems": [
            "PropertyKey": "BatchTypeNameExt",
            "PropertyOperator": "CONTAINS",
            "PropertyValues": ["Default"]

Please, note that "BatchTypeName" should be kept for default batch in columnsOrder parameter.

columnsOrder string

List of columns that should be added to the report. Possible values are:

  • ID
  • Date
  • EventType
  • Comment
  • UserFullName
  • Workstation
  • BatchId
  • BatchName
  • BatchTypeName
  • StageFromName
  • StageToName
  • ProjectName
  • RoleName
  • TenantName
sortColumnindex int Specifies the column that will be used to sort the records in the log.
sortOrder bool

Specifies the order in which the records will be sorted:

  • true will sort the records in descending order,
  • false will sort the records in ascending order.
projectId int

Specifies the projects for which records should be included in the event log. Possible values are:

  • -1 – records for all available projects will be included into the log.
  • 1 and greater – records for the project with the specified ID only will be included into the log.

Use the GetProjects method to get all available project IDs.

You can find the example of using this API in the script. Download the script here or use the script code provided below.

Hinweis. The parameters in this script should be replaced with your server address, tenant name, and your own credentials.

PowerShell script

25.05.2023 7:55:00

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