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Connecting to the station

When connecting to ABBYY FlexiCapture Web Verification station, the login page is displayed. To log in to the system, a user name and a password are required. Depending on how FlexiCapture is set up, you can:

  • Get a user name and password from the Administrator (for example, by e-mail)
  • Create a new account using the registration form, which is located under the Registration link (if it is displayed on the login page), and send a permission request to the Administrator.

Note: Before you start working with the station, make sure that all the necessary software is installed and set up correctly.

To log in to the station, enter the user name and password and click Log in. When working with the station, the entered user name is displayed in the top right corner of the page. To exit the station, hover the mouse pointer over the user name in the top right corner and click Log off in the drop-down list.

Using Windows authentication to log in to a web station

Once you are logged in, select a project from the list of available projects and a role within that project. The name of the selected project will be displayed at the top of the  page.

Web station UI

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