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Invoice verification

Once the invoice images are imported, they are automatically recognized. Next, the recognized data are checked using the preconfigured rules.

If a vendor or a business unit was not determined automatically when an invoice was recognized, you can select one from the database. To do this, click the Find... button in the form. The Lookup for Vendor (Business Unit) dialog box will open. This dialog box can be used to search for entries in the database.

Begin typing in the search box. Suggestions will be displayed in the list on the right, and any matches will be displayed in boldface. All of the fields of the selected record will be displayed on the left.

Select the desired record using the mouse or arrow keys and click the Select button. The fields from the record will be inserted into the fields of the group on the form.

If you cannot find the desired entry in the dialog box, click the Reset Data button to clear all the fields in the group.

5/24/2018 7:39:29 AM

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